Boating Reference Bundle Navigation 125, Intl Nav. 127, Procedures 128, Weather 131, Celestial Nav 132 (5 Items)


Waterproof Boating Quick Reference Bundle – Navigation 125, International Navigation 127, Boating Procedures 128, Weather Forecasting 131, Celestial Navigation 132 (5 Items). This Bundle includes 5 8.5 x 11” Reference Cards made of High Strength Plastic. Durable, waterproof, and easy to use, these cards are helpful guides for any boater! NAVIGATION RULES: This card is a Proven Navigation tool used by the US Coast Guard. It includes information on the US Buoyage System, inland rules, and right-of-way along with lights & sound signal meanings. Easy to use in a pinch, this card is a helpful guide to safely navigating harbors and the open sea. INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION RULES: Clearing foreign ports. Lights & day shapes, signal flags. International Maritime Buoyage System & COLREGS BOATING PROCEDURES: This card covers all basic procedures & equipment. It includes a Predeparture checklist, recommended equipment, and information on fueling, engine & radio use. WEATHER FORECASTING: Use of wind direction, barometric pressure, and cloud type in predicting the weather. CELESTIAL NAVIGATION: An easy to use Celestial Navigation system guide that includes sextant use & corrections, starfinding, and plotting instructions. This card is much easier to handle and quickly reference while at sea than a sextant manual, but still gives you all the information you need to navigate via the stars.