Davis Artificial Horizon & Celestial Navigation Quick Reference Chart (2 Items)


Celestial Navigation 132 and Davis Artificial Horizon 144 Bundle (2 Items)
132, a Simplified, Yet Complete, Celestial Navigation System Card includes everything you need for Marine Navigation including Sextant Use and Corrections. This quick reference guide details key concepts, best practices, and useful constellations.
The Artificial Horizon comes with 2 sunshades, lid and full directions. Great for backyard practice. Find exact position when inland and making exact sextant shot on foggy mornings. To use, fill with water and read the angle of the reflected sun with your sextant. Half your sextant reading is the sun & angle above the true horizon.
Also Known as:
marine navigation tool set
marine navigation system
navigation instruments
celestial navigation kit
navigational sextant
navigational instruments
navigational tools
working sextant
sailing tool
marine instruments
chart navigation tools
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