Davis Deluxe Mark 25 Master Sextant, Artificial Horizon 144 Boating Bundle (2 Items)


Davis Deluxe Mark 25 Master Sextant and Artificial Horizon 144 Bundle (2 Items)
The Mark 25 Sextant is the top of the line for the Davis plastic sextants. The Mark 25 features a Beam Converger™ mirror, sometimes referred to as a "full horizon mirror". A special coating is applied to high quality optical glass to allow the user to see through this mirror, yet still pick up images as faint as low-light stars. The Mark 25 is made of a sturdy plastic, making it lighter than metal models. It is illuminated by a long-life LED and comes with instruction booklet.
The 144 Artificial Horizon comes with 2 sunshades, lid, and full directions. It answers the need of every sextant user who cannot depend on a natural sea horizon. Use for backyard practice & fog.