Davis LED Low Current Utility Mega-Light (2 Pack)

Davis Instruments

Davis LED Low Current Utility Mega-Light (2 Pack)

- This LED Low Current Light features a Light Sensor that Automatically turns on at Dusk and Off at Dawn.

- Mega-Light Energy Efficient Lights consume very little Current.

- At just 0.110 amps (approximately 1/10th amp), battery discharge is about one amp hour in a 12-hour period.

- Your batteries will hardly know it's on.

- It sports a Dual-Function Fresnel Lens that Projects Light for up to 2 Nautical Miles (3.7 km).

- Comes with 2 Easy-to-Change Light Bulbs.

- One Bayonet-type Bulb draws just 0.110 amps. The other bayonet bulb draws 0.320 amps (approximately 3/10th amps) and is more than twice as bright.

- Includes a Standard Lighter Plug and 15 foot (4.5 m) Cord with Easy Hanger.