Davis Mark 15 Sextant Bundle with Artificial Horizon Bundle (2 Items)


Davis Mark 15 Sextant and Davis Artificial Horizon Bundle (2 Items)
Mark 15 Sextant: This model has many great features including seven large sunshades, a 3 mm x 27 mm star scope, and easy-to-read micrometer drum vernier scale that reads to 2/10 of a minute. The Mark 15 has a 7" (18 cm) frame radius graduated from 120 degrees to -5 degrees and comes with a traditional half-silvered mirror. Comes with instruction booklet.
Artificial Horizon: Answers the need of every sextant user who cannot depend on a natural sea horizon. Use for backyard practice, finding exact position when inland, and making exact sextant shot on foggy mornings. To use, fill with water and read the angle of the reflected sun with your sextant. Half your sextant reading is the sun & angle above the true horizon. Windproof and corrosion resistant, the reflecting surface is completely enclosed. Comes with two sunshades, a lid and full directions. Compact 6 x 4 x 1-1/2 (15 x 10 x 4 cm).
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