Davis Sextant Mark 3 with Davis Artificial Horizon 144 Navigation Bundle (2 Items)


Davis Mark 3 Sextant 11 with Davis Artificial Horizon 144 Navigation Bundle (2 Items).
Mark 3 Sextant, sometimes referred to as a "lifeboat" sextant, is an inexpensive training sextant. Yet this model has taken sailors around the world! It is full-sized and has sunshades, but it does not have optical magnification that would help you find dim celestial bodies meaning you will have to rely on brighter stars at night. Great as a backup or as an introduction into the world of Celestial Navigation, this model also comes with instructional booklet for easy use.
The Artificial Horizon comes with 2 sunshades, lid and full directions. Great for backyard practice. Find exact position when inland and making exact sextant shot on foggy mornings. To use, fill with water and read the angle of the reflected sun with your sextant. Half your sextant reading is the sun & angle above the true horizon.