Davis Sextant Mark 3, Celestial Navigation 132, Davis Artificial Horizon 144 Bundle (3 Items)


The Sextant is a navigational system that has been used by sailors for centuries. By using the stars and the horizon as reference points, this device allows for the viewer to calculate their location without the need for electricity or a gps.
The Davis Mark 3 Sextant 11, Celestial Navigation 132, and Artificial Horizon 144 Bundle (3 Items) provides all you need to start learning this vital sailing instrument.
The Mark 3 is a plastic training sextant that comes with an instruction booklet while the 132 is a complete Celestial Navigation System Chart which details how to calculate longitude and latitude and how to avoid common mistakes all on a quick reference guide. The Artificial Horizon comes with 2 sun shades, a lid, and full directions. It can stand in for the ocean's horizon, meaning you can practice celestial navigation in your own backyard, night or day.
Also Known as:
marine navigation tool set
marine navigation system
navigation instruments
celestial navigation kit
navigational sextant
navigational instruments
navigational tools
working sextant
sailing tool
marine instruments
chart navigation tools
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