Davis Rudder Position Indicator for Boating (2 Pack)


Davis Rudder Position Indicator for Boating (2 Pack)

Awareness of the Rudder Angle is an Important Safety Factor.

- This is especially True when:

- Moving In and Out of your Berth

- Drawing Alongside another Boat

- Picking up a Skier or Mooring

- Or any "Close Call" Situation

Davis' Rudder Position Indicator gives Instant Visual Reference of Rudder Angle.

- The Pointer Swings a Full 30 Degrees with each Revolution of the Wheel.

- Mounts directly to your Hub (approximately 2" (5 cm) in diameter) with a Self-Adhesive Pad.

- Rugged, Hermetically Sealed, Weatherproof, and Sunproof Housing ensures Long Life.

- No Cables, Adjustments, or Electricity required.

- Gravity Power makes it Simple and Service-Free.

- Suitable for Boats with Mechanical and Single Station Hydraulic Steering Systems.