Davis Stainless Steel Snap Tool - Multi Key 382 & Deluxe Rigging Knife Sailing Bundle (2 items)


Davis Stainless Steel Deluxe Rigging Knife 1551 and Stainless-Steel Snap Tool Multi Key 382 Bundle (2 items). The Davis 1551 Rigging Knife has Stainless-Steel Dura-Edged Blades and includes a Marlin Spike, Shackle Key, & Screwdriver. Built for the Marine Environment, this helpful sailing tool is resistant to rust and stores safely with it’s pocket-knife design. Made for precision in time-sensitive situations, these rigging knives are an important but affordable tool for any sailor.
The Snap Tool is a flat pocket-sized device made of stainless-steel. The Multi-Key or deck-plate key fits most caps for things like water, fuel, or waste. It also has different Hex Wrench sizes, a Zipper Puller, a Lanyard hole, Screwdrivers, an UnSnapper for Canvas Snaps, a Pin Shackle Key, a Bottle Key, & other things that can be useful to have on hand!