Direct 2 Boater Blue Spiral Bound Captain's Log Book with Flexible Cover 100 Pages

Direct 2 Boater

This newly designed spiral bound Captain's Log has the latest features available including lots of recording space to track the most important information for your vessel and excursions. This soft cover log book is designed to be flexible and durable while opening completely flat to easily record information wherever you are on the vessel. This Captain's Log includes an excursions diary format to keep track of trips while underway and includes Engine, Generator and Battery specifications, Maintenance and Repair information, a Pre-Start and Equipment Check List, a Fuel Log, Common Courses and General Information sections. Features complete Captain's Log Diary pages to keep track of every excursion you take. Every Captain needs this Log to make the most out of each excursion and have the most pertinent information at their fingertips whenever the need arises. This log takes the away the guess work when repairs need to be made as Manufacturers, Serial and Part #'s are all recorded in this log book.