6 5/8" Standard Size White Bungee/Shock Cord & Stayput Fastener for Canvas - 25 Pack - Cord Length is 6 5/8"

Direct 2 Boater

Stayput 6 5/8" Standard Size White Shock Cord & Fastener for Canvas - 25 Pack - Cord Length is 6 5/8" End to End

- The Stayput Fastener is Simple To Install And Easy To Use

These elastic ties are sturdy enough to keep your boat protected through rough weather while being easy to use and install. Their flexibility means you won't be spending time trying to force snaps into place, making your boating experience stress-free.

To install, simply make a hole in the fabric where you wish to put the fastener and place the two pieces together, set them with a Mallet so they snap in place, and your tarp ties are ready for use.

Also Known as:

Bungee Knobs

Replacement Snaps For Boat Cover

Tarp Fasteners

Marine Canvas Fasteners

Canvas Snaps and Fasteners

Cover Clips

Cord Fastener

Boat Clip

Small Bungee Cords

Fabric Extension Cord

Boat Cover Straps

Canvas Boat Cover

Small Bungee Cords With Clips

Boat Snaps

Boat Snap Covers

Marine Cord

Bungee Loop

Marine Snap Fasteners

Bungee Cord Set

Boat Snaps and Screws

Shock Cord Clips

Bungee Cord Fasteners

Covers for Boats

Shock Covers

Canvas Fasteners Marine

Bungee Cord Parts

Canvas Boat Covers

Cord Clip

Bungee With Clips

Cord Clips White

Boat Cover Snap

White Bungee Cord

Bulk Bungee Cord

Bungee Cord With Clips

Bungee Cord White

White Cord Clips

White Bungee Cords

Bungee Cords Set

Small Cord Clips

White Clips

Boat Bungee

Boat Loop

snap fasteners white

snap fasteners for boat cover

bungee holder

boat cover bungee