White Pull Cords - 25 Pack, Used with Stayput Bungee Shock Cords & Zippers for Canvas (Sold Separately)

Direct 2 Boater

Stayput White Pull Cords - 25 Pack, Used with Shock Cords & Zippers for Canvas, Sold Separately 
The Pull Cord made with a durable 1-1/2" nylon cord attached to a plastic tab. This Pull Cord is used to help get a grip on items such as Zipper tabs and Stayput fastener cords. Use the Pull Tab to easily attach and remove your Ultimate Shock Cord Clips. Simply attach the Pull Tab to the Shock Cord Clip bungee, ideally prior to installing the Shock Cord Clip but also can be used post installation.   
Also known as: 
boat cover shock cord   
stay put white shock cord   
stay put fastener  
shock cord fastener   
stay put boat fasteners  
boat canvas fasteners   
stay put shock cord   
shock cord marine   
shock cord loop