Telo-Cat Wind Indicator

Davis Instruments

Designed especially for catamarans, the Davis Telo-Cat™ is durable and highly visible. Installs on the headstay bridle in seconds; easily removed for trailering (no tools required). Comes complete with high visibility 8" (20 cm) vane, adjustable tacking arms, and mounting hardware to fit most catamarans. Made of high impact plastic with a stainless steel shaft and tacking arms. The vane rides on a super sensitive Teflon® bearing system for extreme accuracy in light or heavy weather. Can take the abuse of catamaran sailing. Includes complete mounting instructions for the following catamarans: Hobie 14, 16, 18* Supercat 15, 17, 19*, 19X* ,19XL*, 20* Prindle—All models with turnbuckle forestay adjuster NACRA—5.2 Models with asterisks require Adapter #1451